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how did you lose weight quickly

im wondering what worked for you losing weight quickly? i understand all the aspects of exercise and a good diet, so please dont lecture me on that (been there done that). im just curious to see if theres any diets any of you followed that were cheap and easy an actually worked! or any kind of system you created etc…

by quickly, i don’t mean over night or in a couple days.

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5 Responses to “how did you lose weight quickly”

  1. silent bob said:

    just follow my diet, do i look fat to you?;_ylt=AqKHXD2hhP.JkGfIC97hAjHsxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080731221151AATRNpS

  2. 2eighty8 V3.6 said:

    By donating some organs. You don’t lose weight quickly. It’s a grind, Einstein.

  3. CREIDDYLAD said:

    Someone will probably flag me for this but here it is!

    Eat soap and a powerbar and that weight will come off like a charm, but stay near the bathroom till its out of your system.

    Or just try a colon cleanser

  4. lc said:

    I helped my teenage daughter to lose weight recently but I joined her in order to give her closer support.

    Basically, we used balanced diets approach and we had achieved quite satisfactory result. In order to share our experience, I have posted this onto my blog so do feel free to take a look if you really need more advice. Here is the link of my blog:

    Bear in mind, weight loss can be achieved quite simple and easy, as long as you have used the right approach and persisted for a while.

    Good luck!

  5. mansionghost said:

    east several small meals
    drinlk plenty of water and NO Sodas eve ndiet
    dont eat after 6pm
    go walking
    do this :


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