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How did medical insurance come to cover basic maintenance,when other insurance like auto and home owners?

only cover catastrophic loss.
Can you imagine what your auto insurance would cost if you made a claim every time you got a flat or a tune up ?
Or what your home owners insurance would cost if you made a claim every time a light bulb burned out or you wanted your carpet cleaned ?

Maybe that’s the reason medical insurance premiums are so high ?

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8 Responses to “How did medical insurance come to cover basic maintenance,when other insurance like auto and home owners?”

  1. Blessed Cheesemaker (cancelled) said :


    There is a big difference between ignoring small maintenance to a vehicle which eventually results in catastrophic breakdown and small maintenance of your body which results in death.

    But your idea is likely going to happen if republicans successfully gain status quot for insurance companies. Already copays and deductibles are punitive for many families.

    Keep in mind that insurance companies are making record profits. The reason premiums are so high is simply because we have allowed the medical industry and insurance industry to treat our health as a for profit endeavor. Its morally wrong.

  2. rrm38 said :

    Employers latched on to the idea that expanded health benefits would be a useful tool for attracting talent. It worked. As they offered more and more for less and less out of pocket on the part of the employee at the time of service, employees eventually began to expect it. The reduction in cost to the employees at the time of service resulted in a gross overuse of the system. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so who cares if it turns out to only be a cold… a doctor visit only costs me $10 anyway, after all. I’ve had this extra long hair growing out of a mole for about a year now, maybe it’s cancer… better safe than sorry, it’s only $10 to find out. The whole concept of the cost involved in providing health care has been lost on most people. Yes, we have essentially priced ourselves out of insurance. How anyone believes that a public health care system won’t suffer the same misuse is beyond me. Why do they think there have been so many Medicaid and Medicare cuts?

  3. Indy Pendant said :

    You CAN buy auto maintenance insurance.
    Perhaps we wouldn’t need health maintenance if we got a new body every 5 years.

  4. Jo said :

    The theory behind that is to stop a small problem before it becomes catastrophic.
    I do totally agree with you though-that is not the purpose of any insurance.
    Insurance by it’s very name is just that-it insures that you will be taken care of in the event of an unforseen event.
    It’s kind of the opposite of credit-you pay for it before you ever have to use it and hope that you don’t ever have to use it.
    That’s why this whole health thing is a scam.

  5. nonya said :

    If you tell this to the so called 0bamer disciples they will have to come up with 2 more types of insurance to ram down our throats. And yes they will do this behind closed doors also. This is the type of open government you people wanted and voted for. so how do you like the change so far.

  6. Your Horns are Showing Morris. said :

    #1 – You CAN only buy major medical.

    #2 – Auto insurance covers glass, scratches and even some auto repairs now.

    Insurance premiums are so high because we live in a litigious society.

  7. Nick said : – try this one. I have their car insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service.

  8. Andy said :

    You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here –


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