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How come I keep on losing weight?

I am eating a normal amount of calories.
It fluctuates between 1400 to 2200 calories per day most of the time. I burn around 2000 calories per day.
I have been losing weight, however slowly, since the end of May.
I have become a size smaller and all my pants are too big on me.

I have not lost that much. Just enough for me to drop one size

I am not even trying to lose weight.
My weight was perfect to begin with

The thing is…
I am almost at the borderline to be underweight and of normal weight. My BMI is 19.1. If I lose a couple more kg, I will be considered underweight. It used to be 19.6 before I lost weight.

I do not know
I am not even dieting.
I do eat healthy though.

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10 Responses to “How come I keep on losing weight?”

  1. Livvie said :

    Check your thiroid it might be off go to the doctor cause it sounds like you have a thiroid problem.

  2. Chani said :

    Well, you do seem to be burning a lot of calories a day. Are you athletic? That could be the reason.

    However, you should consult a doctor. Unexplained weight loss can be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

  3. nick c said :

    My wife has the same issue, and she eats like a horse. After both kids she dropped that weight within a couple of months, she’s been to the doc, but no problems. I think it’s just good metabolism, and she gets quite a bit of excersise. I’m afraid she’s going to fall though the grating one of these days. Try taking in a few more calories.

  4. Jojo said :

    Well you could be getting more excercise then you realize and thats not a bad thing, just change your diet to fit you changes in excercising. Try to keep eating healthy but increase the portions a little.

  5. Curious said :

    Sounds like you have a thyroid problem. Get the doctor to check you out.

  6. yusdz said :

    Healthy Diet
    Constant Exercises

  7. Ananya said :

    A friend of mine had the same problem for years and was proud of it. Finally, on our annual office general check-up, the doctor found some kind of parasites in her stomach. She’s gained some weight after the treatment (10 pounds more or less). We all think she looks prettier now.

  8. Swan Crazy Dot said :

    could be over activity of thyrid see GP but be aware the treatment can end up causing the opposite problem? Good luck

  9. ginger W.A.F.C ..COME ON!!! said :

    ask your doctor for a thyroid function test.

  10. young truth said :

    wow..sry to b insensitive..but i wish dat wil happen to me! shd go c a doctor maybe sumin is wrong..or it is ur burining a lot of calories..cus 2000 is a lot..hw do u burn so much?


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