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How can you tell when your body is burning fat?

I recently got into running and when I run my stomach hurts. Does that mean the fat in my stomach is burning? I also want to lose weight in my face because it seems to be the place where most of
my fat goes to. When I exercise, my face gets REALLY hot, hotter than other body parts. Does
that mean it’s burning fat too?

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2 Responses to “How can you tell when your body is burning fat?”

  1. Tiktaalik said :

    You cannot tell, except in one situation.

    Marathon runners talk about hitting “the wall” – that time during your run where you feel exhausted, miserable, and hopeless. The “wall” is the result of your body running out of glycogen, its main fuel, and switching over to burning primarily fat. You cannot get through a workout with your body using fat as its main fuel; it’s absolute torture.

    Your stomach hurting when you run is a result of you running harder than your body is used to. It does not mean that you are instantly burning fat in that area, nor does a hot face mean that you’re losing fat in your face.

  2. TheBadSpoon said :

    No it just means you’re having muscle cramps, probably from excess lactic acid. Make sure you get plenty of water and protein. Don’t run so hard that you’re practically gasping for air, because the heavy breathing can aggravate the muscle cramps
    You can tell you’re burning fat when you’re sweating profusely, really.


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