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How can you lose weight fast?

I want to lose weight but fast however i want to focus on my hips more as they are kinda big. Are there any kind ofexercisess or anything i can do to lose weight around the hips and any thing else to do to lose weight as well. Thank you

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6 Responses to “How can you lose weight fast?”

  1. captainNemo said :

    stop eating

  2. hessy said :

    High protein diet, low carbs, don’t remove carbs completely because when you start eating them again the weight will be quickly put back on

  3. Helen said :

    I lost 4 pounds in 7 days by juice feasting. Basically living off organic freshly extracted juice (a gallon a day) and exercising. I started getting in tune with my body’s needs and was amazed to discover that living off juice doesn’t feel like starvation at all.

  4. Andy W said :

    Don’t lose weight fast slow and steady wins the race!
    BUT try reducing your calorie intake while increasing your aerobic activity. Walk to places instead of using a car. try using a bike. and when you do get hungry eat fruit instead of unhealthy snacks. Drink plenty of water to feel full. And most importantly reduce your Fat intake above all. Calories are not the key it’s your fat intake…Go for it!

  5. Kiwi-pie said :

    I started running 14 days ago and the weight is dropping off. Most of my weight is on my hips, bum and tummy.I am eating now about 1500 cals a day, I have just cut out alcohol, biscuits, cakes and crisps. I have gone from 155lbs to 147lbs. I will admit I havent been running every day, I reckon if I did I would have lost weight faster. I reckon I consume about 400 cals less a day, my biggest downfall was beer and crisps. I didnt realise the crisps i was eating were 250 cals a packet!!

  6. Sheryl said :

    Congratulations on attempting this!

    I’m losing body fat through Green Tea Capsules, but not weight. In April, I lost 5 lbs. body fat, yet 3/4th of a lb. weight. Go figure. I just ordered some of the “Biggest Loser” whey protein as my trainer suggested it might help. There’s blueberry, rasberry, chocolate and vanilla. I ordered vanilla because I figure I can make flavored smoothies:


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