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How can you lose fat at lower belly?

I’m 5′ 6″ and 120 lbs. I think i look great, but i have fat on my lower abs that i just can not seem to get rid of. Do you know anything i can do, any exercise or food plan you would recommend? I’ll do anything, and i want to lose it fast. I really want to get rid of it!
anything will help thanks!

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3 Responses to “How can you lose fat at lower belly?”

  1. Nana said :

    Do specific exercises to lose yr belly fat, read the tips here

  2. KerJin said :

    Hope that you will find some useful and relevant information there. It might be able to help you.

  3. paulred2 said :

    crunches(as a form of sit up), it works abs(a lot!) and lower back,
    everyone knows what’s they look like, but few can do them well…sit with your feet under something, but not touching it, a gap of say 6”. so if you lift your feet, you can use it for leverage. your knees should be bent, how much, and how far you sit from the leverage is different for different people. try moving closer/farther until you find a good balance of comfortable and challenging. only life your feet when you are unable to life your upper body without extra leverage. if you can’t do this early on, your sitting too near the leverage and should move your ass farther away. (many people find this hurts their tail-bone, feel free to sit on a cushion for this) then, while keeping your feet on the ground, pull your chest toward your thighs, tensing your stomach all the time, look at your stomach while doing this, and lift yourself until you see ‘creases’ in your stomach, then hold for 2 then slowly lower yourself back down. then repeat. if your back hurts or if you find your legs feeling a burn before your stomach you’re sitting position is off, and you should adjust.
    if you can get these right you will have a toned firms stomach in as little as a month.
    i did 2 sets of 30 every night before bed and i had a flat stomach after a week. i was only slightly over weight though.
    good luck! all the effort will be worth it once you’re happy with your body =D


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