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How can you get skinnier without dieting in a month?

If your child or if you are a child and you want to get thinner without dieting and totally changing your eating, how do you get thinner? I want to learn how a child can slowly but tastefully can change their eating habbits.

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3 Responses to “How can you get skinnier without dieting in a month?”

  1. koolkid said :
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  3. happy**halloween said :

    for 2 days write down what you eat the day everything
    then find out what you wish you didnt eat
    then cross it out(count how many are left)
    so the next day
    try to eat just that amount and if more only helthy things
    try no pop candy chocolate or anything unhealthy
    it worked for me, it may seem complicated but its fine
    hope i helped:)


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