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How can you get rid of some belly fat in a month?

I’m thirteen, and I have this little fat pouch on the bottom of my stomach that’s very annoying. It’s not terrible, and I know it’ll be gone once I start swimming in the fall, but right now swimming isn’t an option. I eat pretty much healthy (not super healthy, but I have a good diet for a teen) and I go on the elliptical for thirty minutes a day, but I’m seeing nothing. I want this belly fat substantially eliminated by a month (it doesn’t need to be all of it, and no, my abs don’t need to be firm, my stomach just needs to be flat).

Also, I’m lazy, so a non-complicated plan would be preferred.

Thank you very much!

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6 Responses to “How can you get rid of some belly fat in a month?”

  1. pm said :

    You have choices but they all boil down to reducing your calories and increasing your activity. If you’re burning more than you’re consuming you’ll lose weight. How you get there is entirely up to you. Do you plan to keep it off or are you just needing to lose it for a special occasion that’s coming up?

  2. viktorphs said :

    ok, how long have you been doing the elliptical? And at what speed, because if you’re doin like 4mph is pointless… Do a half hour at about 7-8 mph. Also before you get on the elliptical do an ab workout, some sit-ups, crunches, some reverse crunches and leg lifts (those hit your lower abs). That should help you.

  3. Nana said :

    One exercise that targets the stubborn stomach area is called The Bicycle.
    To do The Bicycle, simply lay on the floor pressing your lower back to the ground. Your hands are beside your head. Bring your knees to an approximate 45-degree angle and slowly go through the motion of pedaling a bicycle. Your left elbow will touch your right knee and then your right elbow will touch your left knee.

    Read the rest of exercise tips here

  4. SillyWyl said :

    ME TOO!! Except for the being thirteen part 🙂
    I’ve been religious with the elliptical for months now but I’ve found that doing all that cardio just makes me hungry! So I eat more. AAHH!! I’m not overweight, just annoyed with “the pouch”…
    So I’m doing an experiment right now:
    -cut down to doing the elliptical only twice a week at 15-20 minutes.
    -do more high-rep free weight training (still cardio, just not as intense)
    -cut out (almost) ALL sugar from my diet
    -cut out most dairy
    -eat celery when I get the munchies
    -eat smaller portions
    -get my butt kicked by the exercise ball! that thing is awesome!

    I also take digestive enzymes before each meal, but different things work with different bodies.
    Experiment and find out what works for you!

  5. Chris said :

    Sounds like baby fat since you’re only 13, but the best way to get rid of fat anywhere on the body is CARDIO, not muscle training.

    Do a lot of running, play some basketball, tennis, and things of that nature. (Running is probably the fastest)

    Also, I cannot stress this enough—EAT A BALANCED DIET. Do NOT rule out an entire food group, especially at 13 years of age.

  6. SFE~Training said :

    Drink more water to start with, it will trick your body into releasing stored fat…also, don’t eat fast food or foods with a lot of processed flour and sugar….

    Do some exercises for your abs to tighten up that area…but you don’t have to go crazy about it…

    Lastly…walk or swim or something else during the day…it will come off…


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