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How can you get all the nutrients you need when losing weight?

I have a thyroid condition that makes it hard to lose weight and this sucks.

I have two questions, suppose I lose 30 pounds. Do I have to maintain my lifestyle, to maintain that weight. What I’m trying to say, is losing weight a lifetime commitment, meaning I can’t eat a lot anymore because Ill gain the weight back?

Also If I have to reduce calories, how will I get all the nutrients I need, for example in 1500 calories daily?

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2 Responses to “How can you get all the nutrients you need when losing weight?”

  1. kay b said :

    i dont have all the answers but i do know this if you go to they have a section for women’s health on everything it has answered all my question about my health concerns and give the correct positive feed back that you want and need to know like how much your cal in take should be and even what you can do for progressive weight loss. I do know that a health lifestyle is what you need for a lifetime but cheer babe and goodluck (^_^)

  2. izzy said :

    Eat a good mixed diet with lean protein, carbohydrates, some fat and lots of fruit, vegetables, some dairy.
    Make sure your thyroid levels are checked regularly, so your medication is kept at the correct dosage.
    Take regular exercise. Physical activity is especially important if you suffer from hypothyroidism.
    Daily basic need…
    Burning calories..
    Scroll down the page on the linkbelow for helpful information.
    Eating frequent small meals can help. The process if digestion uses calories


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