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How can vegans lose weight quickly?

Well i’ve been a vegan for around 6 months (vegetarian for a few years) and i’m overweight, as i already have a good diet, fruits veggies and lots of fibre how else can i lose weight.

i’m going on holiday soon and i dont want to be waddleing with all sorts jiggleing.

any tips 🙂

oh and by the way i dont have that much time to do that much excercise but i do walk about a mile everyday up hill.

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5 Responses to “How can vegans lose weight quickly?”

  1. Technique said :

    Write down what you’re going to eat for the next day, and follow that meal plan. Count up all the calories and the times you are going to eat. Don’t eat past 5.

  2. Jen said :

    Eat less, move more. Eat four to six meals a day, with breakfast being the largest and dinner being the smallest. Eat the majority of your calories earlier in the day. Avoid sodas and junk foods. Keep your calories at or above 1400 to prevent your body from going into starvation mode. Figure out your BMR and aim to eat no more than that:

  3. Crystalla said :

    Did you check on your thyroid?

  4. Paranormal Kitty said :

    Have you considered taking an inositol supplement? It’s like a miracle for speeding your metabolism and balancing your hormones, and also makes your skin and hair shinier. Since I’ve been taking I’ve even noticed that a damaged toenail I’ve had for five years is beginning to grow in normally.This is the one I’ve been taking (2 caplets a day, morning and evening):

    It says “suitable for vegetarians/vegans” on the back. Inositol is made from rice bran and the capsules are vegan. You can get it in a powder form from the same site too but I prefer capsules. You can save $5 off your order with this code: URA989

  5. Jess said :

    yeah do what technique said 😀 and if nothing else works you shoulr try going gluten free as well. but please do your research first
    it will help 🙂


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