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How can the health insurance bill lower our deficit?

I don’t understand how this health insurance bill will lower our deficit. I thought the money to be generated from the tax on this was going to pay for health insurance for those who can’t afford it. Now I hear it is being used to pay the deficit down. If the goal is to reform our health care system, shouldn’t the money generated by the tax go into improving health care?

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6 Responses to “How can the health insurance bill lower our deficit?”

  1. My Defense Came said :
  2. Ally 2 said :

    It only lowers the deficit if you tweak the numbers. And, even if the numbers aren’t bogus, when have you ever heard of the US government doing anything that cost what they say it will? It always, I mean always costs more than they say it will.

  3. Kyle J said :

    It cant. Welcome to the newly created USCR (United States Communist Republic) run by our great historic leader Obama.

  4. Jimmy said :

    read the CBO findings

  5. Jasin said :
  6. Kay said :

    The proposal includes tax increases and changes in Medicare and the health insurance systems. According to CBO, the combination of those will not only pay for the subsidies but will also lower the deficit in the long run.


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