how can teens lose weight quickly?

well i’m 14 and i want to lose 10 pounds quickly. honestly i dont care if i have to go on a crash diet and i dont care how unhealthy it is and whatever i just want to lose weight. NO rude comments please.

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3 Responses to “how can teens lose weight quickly?”

  1. Victoria said:

    I’m trying to lose weight too and it’s working. All you need to do is cut your daily calorie intake in half and do at least a half hour of exercise a day (I do running). It will be hard though.

  2. Alexandra said:

    Eat right (follow the pyramid) and exercise at least 30 minutes a day…and let your body rest in between.

  3. Bush Tucker said:

    Two (2).Things
    You need Willpower & Wont power
    Wont eat Junk food
    Wont drink soda’s
    and Wont eat Ice Cream
    Will Exercise everyday
    Cycling, Swimming Tennis and Brisk Walking,
    Skating is good too
    Sound like hard work?
    2 coin a phrase ‘just do it!’


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