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How can someone young loose weight?

Someone young as in like 13. I am 29 and this is not for me. She says she wants to loose weight quickly and she says she likes to eat and hard for her to diet.

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4 Responses to “How can someone young loose weight?”

  1. Maddie said :

    eat healthily and get active for at least 1 hr a day

  2. Megg said :

    Diet and excerise.

    Dieting and sticking to a exercise routine IS NEVER EASY! There is always something you want to eat that is horrible for you. There are always better things you want to be doing then exercising. UNTIL….you start seeing the RESULTS of all your hard work and dertermination. Then that will push you even further.

  3. maggie said :

    she should find some of her mates to go jogging with her or cycling. or maybe find a sport that interests her and do that in the weekend

  4. Jackofalltrades said :

    This question is simple. I am sure she has something that she likes to eat that is good for her. So instead of eating “cheesy poofs” she can substitute it with trail mix.

    I personally would have to know more like, exactly how big is she? If she has just a little baby fat then she can start working out. If she is overweight then she needs to substitute the food with healthy food and work out.

    Going off the assumption she is fat because you are asking this question and the fact I am prior military I am going to give you strait answers.

    Work out, do not drink soda including diet soda that stuff is all crap. Drink nothing but water and juice like Gatorade.

    Eat healthy home cooked meals.

    Remember you will not see results immediately. Work out with the same routine for a week then change it the next. This will shock the body and you will loose more weight.

    Walk wherever you can you will be surprised how many calories you can burn just by taking that extra step.


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