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How can someone lose weight who is on a medication that causes weight gain??

I used to weigh about 125 and because of this medication (Amitriptyline) I now weigh 153!! How can I lose weight when this medication is causing the weight gain?

This medication is to prevent headaches which I used to get for years and this med is working on my headaches.

Any suggestions in how to lose weight and/or any suggestions on another medication to prevent headaches I can ask my doctor about?

I forgot to add that I am eating well.. fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, etc.. and in smaller portions also. I also started riding an exercise bike. In the past 5 days I have gained another pound and a half!! 🙁

Is there some way to lose weight that a medication is making me gain? I hate this…

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3 Responses to “How can someone lose weight who is on a medication that causes weight gain??”

  1. askmenicely1961 said :

    Some medications do have side effects of weight gain, however, you control what you put in your mouth.
    The medication just gives you the munchies.
    Stock up on veggies and some fruit, but not too much fruit since it is high in sugar.
    Get more active, not necessarily go to aerobics 5 days a week but get your mind off food and start cleaning out that closet you meant to 2 yrs ago.
    Good luck

  2. Hawkeyes said :

    Talk to your doctor. There are lots of medications that do the same thing, maybe he/she can give you one that doesn’t cause weight gain. If they can not start keeping healthy food close at hand. Vegetables and friuts. Apples take more calories to burn than they contain. Eat slowly and chew a lot.

  3. loki said :



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