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How can my Boyfriend gain muscle without going to the gym?

I’m starting to work out a lot to lose weight. My boyfriend on the other hand is really skinny. The both of us would love it if he could gain some muscle in his abs and arms. The problem is he doesn’t have the money or time to go to the gym. I tell him to do push ups, sit ups, do some running, whatever he can do but it seems like he still doesn’t gain any muscle. What should he do exercise and food wise for him to gain muscle?

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6 Responses to “How can my Boyfriend gain muscle without going to the gym?”

  1. uflbob said :

    Direct him to they have more than enough information for a new lifter all the way to very experienced.

  2. samiwami13 said :

    Well, find a job for him to do around the house. For example, get him to pick up some heavy stuff, like rearrange the furniture, or start smaller. Maybe you should just get him to pick up some boxes full of stuff. Just get him to exercise his arms. Sit ups is a great way to start getting abs. But getting muscle takes time, so just start a routine for awhie, you most likely will start seeing some results.

  3. sleepyburn said :

    eat carbs. gain weight (fat) to turn into muscle. Do reps of dips for arms.

  4. Jared D said :

    Bodyweight exersizes will not build muscle.

    He will gain some strength, but the ‘in shape’ human body is already able to handle it’s own weight.

    He will need to find a way to do weight resistance training if he wants to build muscle.

    PS – under NO circumstances does fat turn into muscle. Thats just idiotic.

  5. Shaun P said :

    If joining a gym is out of the question have your boyfriend purchase a set of dumbells with adjustable weight and if possible a bench. He should be able to find quality used equipment for dirt cheap prices as most people purchase the equipment use it once or twice and then dont look at it again for months.

    Once he has the equipment have him start a full body routine where he performs three or four excercises for each bodypart with a rep range between 8-12. Also have him cut down on all cardio work, running, biking, jogging, as this will burn calories away which is the complete opposite of what he wants to do when building muscle.

    For an individual to put on muscle mass it is vital that they consume more calories than they burn. Have your boyfriend start increasing his caloric intake by 500 calories everyday by eating lean proteins, chicken breast, tuna fish, lean red meat. Also be certain that he is eating enough complex carbohydrates to fuel his workouts.

    If you want more information feel free to email me.

  6. Cherian K C said :

    To excerise you don’t have to go to the gym or buy any fancy equipment. All you have to do is use your body.
    The chicken wing: (Your arms)
    1. Squeeze your uppper arm.
    2. Take your lower arm and bring it up and down as if it was a dumbell.
    3. Do as much as you can then rest. Repeat.
    (Your legs):
    1. Squeeze your upper leg.
    2. Take your lower leg and bring it front and back.
    3. Do as much as you can.
    A Healthy Diet
    *omeg 3s found in fish
    * Refer to food Pyramid.
    * A great source for your boyfriend would be Mens Health for food ideas and for you Womens Health too.
    Hope this helps!:


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