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How can I (teenage female) lose weight quickly and healthily?

I’m 17, 5’6, and about 142lbs. I’m very developed and would love to be able to slim down in my chest size and hips. I’m competing in a pageant in about 4 months. I’ve started eating six small meals a day (1500 calories a day) and then working out every other day and burning roughtly 350-450 calories. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I want to look amazing for my senior year of highschool and be able to walk across that stage in November with confidence. Any suggestions to help me out?

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3 Responses to “How can I (teenage female) lose weight quickly and healthily?”

  1. laxmaster said :

    yea well im a male so it may be different

    ok wut u need to do is do sum cardio running swimming etc. then do some light weights to tone up this will build small amounts of muscle but not make u buff and more muscle means u will burn fat. so then do yoga and pilates they are great calorie burning and toning exercises and keep eating the way u r it sounds about rite

    by the way im a junior in highschool and i am a 4 sport athlete and i am a personal trainer at a local gym and everything ive told u is wut ive learned over the last 4 years

    hope i helped email for anything else

  2. Syd T said :

    Perspiration / sweat works every time! Its not how long or how hard you work out, its how much you sweat.
    Thats nothing but excess fat dripping off of you.
    You will also notice clearer skin.

    So wrap your waist and thighs in garbage bags under your clothes if you cant afford one of them expensive sweat suits, then do your workout or walking.
    BUT always keep a nice size bottle of water with you so you don’t dehydrate!

  3. Summer said :

    you have to excercise alot (atleast and hour) what i do is excercise whenever i have time or when im bored and i excercise for an hour too. and you always no matter what have to eat healthy. and space out between bites so it could digest in your body. and try to have 1600 calories a day!

    Hope this helps


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