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How can I stop smoking so much pot?

I smoke pot everyday. I normally smoke between 3-6 times a day. It makes me lazy and not care about going to class. I have been a pothead for years and love the feeling that bud gives me but my excessive use is ultimately leading to my downfall. I know i won’t stop smoking herb for awhile but how can at least reduce my usage?

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9 Responses to “How can I stop smoking so much pot?”

  1. Bella said :

    dont buy as much maybe

  2. BIG-G said :

    if it really does that to you then taper off like everything else!

  3. sammit_2008 said :

    Well try to smoke after you do what you need to get done. Its like a treat and your rewarding yourself. That’s what i do it helps

  4. Mezuzah said :

    Everytime you light up, mail a donation to

  5. Bree Olson said :

    Try to smoke NIRDOSH it helps

  6. Glenn M said :

    The fact that you are recognising the problems that overuse is causing you is a good thing. It is always good to be self aware.

    I am similar to you in that I smoked heavily for about 3 years, mainly cos I thought it would help me escape from being depressed. It didn’t.

    Weed’s obviously downfalls are…psychological addiction, lack of motivation, tendency to eat the wrong types of food.

    Can also lead to paranoia/social anxiety. Your world can become very small if you smoke too much, too often.

    Unfortunately you like the buzz, as with me. Most people I know who try to cut down/give up, just tend to drink more alcohol.

    All I can say from personal experience is, its hard to cut down/give up! Try to find meaningful hobbies or voluntary work to take up some time, develop new relationships and start doing more “real” pastimes.
    Problem always comes with your down time, when you just want to chill out and crave that feeling that makes verything you do seem more intense like playing computer games, listening to music.

    Just try to stay in touch with your self-awareness of the problems it is/may in future cause you. Anything that involves physical exercise/discipline will give you a natural buzz to help replace the one weed gives you.

    Remember you’re young, you only have one set of lungs and one brain…don’t destroy them with smoke! Good luck to you buddy

  7. Ray said :

    I smoke pot everyday as welll but just at night time 2 help me sleep. Just keep on putting it off till you can smoke in peace and don’t have anything 2 do. You can do it!

  8. Shaun O said :

    Spend all your money before you ‘crave’ another, it will make it harder (after you’ve finished with a certain stash) to obtain more.

    Or just keep really busy with like a job or something.

  9. tai ha said :

    try lawlessly each day


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