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how can i stop premature ejaculation?is there any medicine for that?

hi iam 30 , many men i have the problem of premature ejaculation.when iam in erection my pennis is not strong enough to go inside inside the vagina.if someone knows the remedies please help me to overcome this.i dont want to be a addicted to medicine.

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10 Responses to “how can i stop premature ejaculation?is there any medicine for that?”

  1. Gary M said :

    I’d have your blood pressure tested first, then there is a gel you can use to make you less sensitive.

  2. John H said :

    Don’t drink as much, and be more selfish in your foreplay (dp what you want to do not what you think sje wants you to do) then your hard on will be stronger. Once in use mental exercises to keep going, I used to recount the seven times table in my head and it worked. If you’re on the verge of cumming then think about margret thatcher.

  3. [email protected] said :

    Try anal sex

  4. Erik said :

    pound the booty

  5. warren1515 said :

    This is a question you should pose to your doctor who is qualified, trained, and licensed to give medical advice. People on this site are not. Good luck. I am sure there is a solution to your problem.


  6. Junaid Q said :

    Why not there are many pills for the guys like you.

  7. sylvie.lecoffre said :

    Quand tu sens que ca vient lorsque tu es en train de faire l’amour, il faut que tu te pince le zizi très fort pour retarder l’éjaculation. Un autre conseil: évite de faire des mouvements de va-et-vient trop rapides lorsque tu fais l’amour avec ta copine.

  8. [email protected] said :

    Most sexual dysfunctions are treatable with CBT, they’re usually a form of performance anxiety and it is very uncommon to come (excuse the pun) across a physical cause. Because it takes a long time to see some one for psychological help SSRI medications have been prescribed because of the side effect of retarding ejaculation.

  9. AlexanderE said :

    Try smoking, works for me!

  10. Afriend said :

    Most of this problem can be cure by your self which call self-help technique. The good resouce about this problem is

    You can do follow some suggestion on this site.
    Hope this can help.


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