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How can i stop losing weight?

well i don’t exercise that much, i don’t eat very often, once every day and i don’t eat that much when i eat… and i keep losing weight, how can i stop losing weight without it costing a lot of money?

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9 Responses to “How can i stop losing weight?”

  1. Cherri said :

    You need to eat regular meals throughout the day..

  2. Claire said :

    You need to start eating…..pretty simple really.

  3. societysfailure said :

    carry small snack things (simple stuff like chips) around with you wherever you go, and jus munch em all day

  4. Steph F said :

    You need to eat more. You should have foods that contain a lot of calories. Top ramen will help you out, it is cheap too. Also, peanut butter and mayonaise is good for gaining weight or maintaining it. You should eat more meals. Even snacking is good.

  5. bodom_rule1990 said :

    eat meals and even if money is the problem still buy food (its important). x

  6. steve f said :

    It obviously must be concerning you so you really need to do something about it.
    Think of your body as a car….a car needs petrol to run. If the car runs out of petrol, it stops.
    Food is like fuel…you need it to function properly. In your case, one meal a day is not putting enough calories(fuel) in your body(engine).
    If you feel you haven’t the appetite to eat more, surely you should see your Doctor and discuss this matter with him/her.

  7. . said :

    eat more 🙂

  8. Laura:] said :

    I would recommend you do a little bit of tasting, buy different foods or different types of food. Chicken, pasta, noodles, chunky soup all these are really good for you and will help you gain some weight.
    Or you could try drinking smoothies they tend to be cheap and have loads of god stuff in them.
    Hope i have helped

  9. Captain said :

    Since i am not a doctor its hard for me to give proper advice….but i would say from general knowledge and life experience, i would say eat high-carbohydrate foods – they will help stop you from losing weight because they will keep you full for longer…and (i think) will also slow down the process of breaking down fats (something to that effect!)

    If you need any more help or anything like that just send me an e-mail, I’ll be more than willing to help with anything I can!! 🙂

    Hope i helped…have a nice day!

    PS. Best answer please?? 🙂


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