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How can I start to get fit as I feel I am unfit?

I am wheelchair bound and find it difficult to get about without the help of my mum.

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5 Responses to “How can I start to get fit as I feel I am unfit?”

  1. SARANATHAN L said :

    Eat normal and healthy food. walk for an hour daily do normal breathing exercise

  2. Dani said :

    Weights ect.
    Good Luck!

  3. Dr Fegg said :

    Enquire at your local gym as many provide good support for people in wheelchairs. There is a lot you can do. Try to find a personal trainer who specialised in supporting disable people.

    If you can’t get out easily then you can do a lot from home with free weights.

    The most important thing to focus on is aerobic exercise and flexibility. (try yoga)

    Have a look at this site

  4. Rizer4 said :

    I dont know if you can walk or not, so try concentrating on exercising ur hands. Get very light dumbells of 10 pounds or less.
    Seeing a physio-therapist is highly recommended. They can really help u much better.

    Yoga is always good, but u need someone to teach you that in person.
    Anyways, good luck dear!

  5. Beth said :

    Try getting a handcycle.

    Fitness in the way that I understand your question means working on your stamina and perhaps loosing a few kg?

    If you get a handcycle you’ll find that (as long as you have enough hand and arm function for it) you can propel yourself much further and faster than in your wheelchair. Try to find a route that is just about comfortable and to it 3 times per week until it’s easy, then find a longer route etc.

    Increasing your stamina like that will transfer into having better stamina in a manual wheelchair too so you will be able to push yourself further and do more on your own.

    Any kind of exercise, combined with a healthy diet will help you loose weight so if that is part of your aim then any cardiovascular exercise (swimming, cycling, handcycling, running, whatever you’re able to do that gets you a bit out of breath) will help.


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