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How can I start cutting weight from wrestling?

I am currently a junior in high school. I”m 5’5 130 at the moment and plan to wrestling at the 119 weight class. The season starts approximately two weeks (from 11/13). How can I lose the weight in the most healthiest way possible. Please save me the struggle of yo-yo-ing during the season by gaining and losing weight like crazy. Help me asap.

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3 Responses to “How can I start cutting weight from wrestling?”

  1. andy j said :

    this is what my friend did eat one meal a day the meal was one slice of cheese pizza and a bottle of apple juice, drink lots of water, but make sure to sweat or pee all the water out before the weight in.

  2. Kyle H said :

    I have been in your spot several time I wrestled in high school and a little bit of college. I you have to take a hydration test it will be hard if you weigh 130 you shouldnt cut its not worth it and you will not be 100%. I depends on your competition I would go 125.

  3. Nate H said :

    I am a junior right now too, and i do agree that you need to avoid yo yoing at all costs.. it kills your stamina and your strength. keep in mind that in this point of time its the calories that matter. make sure its less than 1,500 calories a day.. start running after school for a half hour or so a day. and make sure what you do eat for calories is the good stuff.. egg whites are the best, you can eat as many of those as you want.


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