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How can i spread the muscles out on my thighs?

I have played football for over 5 years but only recently this has started to affect me. I’d rather have muscle on my legs than fat, but it just looks like fat and i was wondering whether there was a way just to spread it out and look more slimmer and long, so it doesn’t just look like bulge rather than just loose it all.

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2 Responses to “How can i spread the muscles out on my thighs?”

  1. Kresarah H said :

    the best way is to ride a bike at least 30 minutes a day for a mile that is why my legs are so strong
    hope this helps a little=)

  2. la_vintage_chick said :

    During dance class they use to make us stretch out so that our muscles would be “longer and stronger” and to stop “bulking”.
    we usually got down on one knee like we were proposing to someone with our backs facing a wall and the leg that would usually rest behind us on the ground bent up so that our foot would be behind our butt with the whole leg resting against the wall then we would lean back as far as we could trying to get our backs flat against the wall and to hold it as long as we could. Then we swap legs.

    It really hurt especial because our thigh mussels had already started to bulk up and were really tight so if you can figure out what i just wrote and try it take it easy.


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