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How can i set my mind to getting stonger and fit?

everytime i start doing it i stop after a weeek.
what can i do to motivate myself!

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2 Responses to “How can i set my mind to getting stonger and fit?”

  1. Sir said :

    When others put you down due to being weak and unfit. it can motivate you…

    stupid fat boy, ur weak and useless, ur wasting precious space on earth! Go DIE!

    ok that was just to motivate you

  2. fallibledragon said :

    Don’t force yourself; train yourself. Train yourself to think of sitting around as a thing you don’t like. Find faults in it. Train yourself to think of doing exercise as fun, something you enjoy, a feeling that exhilarates you; find pleasure in it. The rest will happen naturally.

    p.s.: it’s MUCH easier for me to enjoy exercise outdoors, with different scenery and people and animals and berries and weather, than staring at the TV on a treadmill in a gym.


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