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How can I reduce belly fat without running?

I exercise 6 days a week in gym and run for 10 mins everyday, and walk 20 mins. My physique is improving but cant seem to get rid of belly fat. I drink 7/8 glasses of water, eat fast food once a week and consume healthy foods (eg: salad, cereal, protein shake, Cliff bars, Cranberry/Orange Juice, Eggs etc.). Can I lose the belly fat without running? I hate it.

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2 Responses to “How can I reduce belly fat without running?”

  1. colorofmylife81 said :

    One exercise that targets the stubborn stomach area is called The Bicycle.
    To do The Bicycle, simply lay on the floor pressing your lower back to the ground. Your hands are beside your head. Bring your knees to an approximate 45-degree angle and slowly go through the motion of pedaling a bicycle. Your left elbow will touch your right knee and then your right elbow will touch your left knee.

  2. Anthony E said :

    Everyone always assumes that sit ups and crunches will make the gut go away but the truth is that it doesn’t help as much as you think. To get your gut down you need to start by eating healthy and taking long walks will help out a lot as well.

    I used to work in a cubicle for about 4 months and my gut became huge because all I did was sit and stopped working out. When I switched jobs to one that I had to walk around all day, I lost 20 pounds the first month (I also chose to use the stairs and not the elevator)

    If you want to burn off the body fat fast, the best exercise is Jump rope. Do it for 20 minutes a day, drink lots of water, and take long walks and you will notice a huge difference.


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