How can I quickly gain 30 pounds of muscle?

I need a weight training program that will allow me to gain muscle rather quickly. I am around 155, but want to get to around 185.

Keep in mind that I am training for sprinting/track, so I don’t want to do anything that would really jeopardize my development in that field.

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4 Responses to “How can I quickly gain 30 pounds of muscle?”

  1. ♥dazzle diva♥ said:

    work out

  2. Leithold said:

    eat protein food for breakfast-lunch-dinner. examples: chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, whey, etc… eat a lot regularly.

    trying to gain mass and training for sprinting is like trying to go in opposite directions at once. When gaining mass, cardiovascular exercises(like sprinting) are just about the last thing you should be doing.

    choose wisely. and good luck.

  3. jonny86 said:

    Tricky. You wanna stay fast for sprinting but wanna gain weight… Take a high carb shake with a good breakfast. The three biggest muscle groups are legs, back and chest. Train these together with ALOT of food, 6-8 meals a day or 2 high carb/protien shakes if you cant eat so much.
    Train legs.. these will aid in your sprint aswell as add good quality weight. Leg press, squats, extentions and dead lift. Go for maximum weight, 3 sets low reps, around 8-10, last set hit a low weight (really low) and max out until you cant lift anymore. If youre having trouble walking out the gym.. this is good.
    Same for back and chest, high weight low rep range.
    Most important factor in gaining weight is the food. Remember lots of it and regular. Give your bbody plenty of time to recover, 3 days min, before working out the same part.
    If you find youre putting on too much weight, or slowing down in the sprint, try high rep low weight sets, these will shapen you up and define you more.

  4. Robert S said:

    Use very heavy weights for low reps. Sleep 8-10 hours a day. No aerobics. Train large muscle groups with free weights. Eat 2 grams of protein per bodyweight. Eat plenty of clean carbs like rice, potatoes and pasta. Train your each muscle group not more than twice a week. Eat a large meal directly following your workout. Stay motivated.


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