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How can I prevent a hangover ?

Drinking alcohol, for many people, is a fun way to relax, unwind, and let loose; but it can also have its consequences, like getting sick and suffering through a hangover the next morning. Although there is no good way to prevent getting sick off of too much alcohol, there are a few tricks to prevent having a hangover – no matter how much you drink.

A few of these tricks include:

Take two aspirin at least two hours before you start drinking. This is an older trick that involves aspirin, but there have recently been some pills put on the market specifically for the purpose of preventing a hangover. We can only guess that the pills are similar to aspirin, since they accomplish the same goal and also need to be taken at least two hours before you start drinking. So, save yourself some money and pick up a small bottle of generic aspirin on your way to the bar.

Eating and drinking water throughout the night are two other good ways to prevent a hangover the next morning. Food will help your body absorb the alcohol, leaving less to affect you in other ways, and water will help keep you hydrated (dehydration from too much alcohol is the main reason you have a hangover.)

Be picky about what you drink and know which kinds will make you more susceptible to a hangover the next morning. Drinking alcohol that is light in color will help because it has more water in it. Drinking better quality alcohol will also affect you less the next morning.

Now these tricks aren’t guaranteed to work, but some people swear by them. You have nothing to lose, except for your hangover, so give these ideas a try next time you plan to party heavily.

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