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How can I motivate myself to get fit?

I hate gyms… I joined one but didn’t go!! I feel intimidated in situations like that… I like to do things that involve learning something new. I also enjoy meeting new people… but I really need to kick myself up the backside to get motivated!

What different types of keep fit have you discovered that you really stuck at?

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6 Responses to “How can I motivate myself to get fit?”

  1. Hasbeen said :

    motivation is a personal thing, nobody can tell you how to be motivated. motivation is doing something that you love. Discipline might be more help for something like getting fit as no one particularly wants to exercise.The difference between motivation and discipline is that discipline is sticking to it even though it doesn’t ‘feel good’. Dancing or doing something active you like would be your best bet, but otherwise just stick to whatever plan you have until you reach your goals.

  2. hms638 said :

    Hmmm you sound very much like me! I have just restarted running. It’s probably a bit solitary for you though as you like meeting new peole. I guess you could give it a go and if you like it join a running club. Try runners world website and look at their beginners plans. Good luck.

  3. .*BiCic0paTa*. said :

    I hate gyms too, try to find a sport you like. Perhaps you could join a cycling or running club. Or try to learn a new skill, what about swimming? This year I finally decided to take up swimming and I’m in love with it, I’ve been swimming 45 min every day. I’ve never felt so good in my life about my body and I feel more motivated to do other stuff as well. Hope you find the right sport for you, good luck 🙂

  4. wally said :

    This is a difficult one. I look down alarmingly at my increasing waist and think i must do something about that. shortly after i often have to laugh when i find myself at the fridge nibbling at biscuits cake etc! Your living in a great spot so maybe you could use it to get more active and fit. How about sailing or scubadiving, hillwalking in connemara, or horseriding. There are several great stables round galway. The weather may be bad, but these activities are kinda weather proof. you just dress appropriately.

  5. adele said :

    Have you tried going to the gym with a friend that way you have someone there with you to motivate you and you can motivate them to. i find that having a friend with me makes the gym feel less like hard work and more like fun. you could try swimming its suposed to be one of the best forms of exersize because you use all of your muscles but again I advise you to go with a friend.

  6. claire g said :

    I hate the gym too, but u dont have to go to the gym to keep fit, i dont.
    I use dvds, go swimming, jogging, play squash/tennis/footie etc.

    What would help is just doing it for 1 week. Say to yourself: right, i will do it for only 1 week, thats not long when you think about it, whats one week out of life?

    Then the results that you get will be the only motivation that you will need!


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