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How can I make myself exercise in the morning ?

Exercise is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. It makes us healthier, makes us happier, and makes us look better. Given all of these benefits, it is important that we take the time to fit a good dose of exercise into our daily routine.

Although some people have a difficult time finding a way to exercise every day, between work, kids, cleaning the house, and errands, there is a perfect time of the day when almost everyone should be able to fit in a 20-30 minute workout — in the mornings.

The morning is a perfect time for most people because the house is still quiet and they don’t have to fight for the TV. If they prefer to walk or jog, instead of working out to videos, the morning is usually much cooler than summer afternoons and the crisp, fresh air gives a lot of people that extra bit of motivation they need to get going. And, if you make it out before rush hour, there are fewer people around.

Although this is the perfect time to get your exercise in, a lot of people find that is it hard to motivate themselves to do it in the morning, when they are still groggy and tired. One simple solution is to reward yourself with something special the first few times. It can be with anything that will get you motivated, but we recommend that you not reward yourself with greasy or fast food after a nice healthy workout. So, don’t reward yourself with a pit stop at McDonalds before work.

Once you get onto the habit and discover how exercising can wake you up, make you more alert, and make your whole body feel better throughout the day, you will begin to look forward to working out in the morning and will no longer have to force yourself to get it done.

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