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How can i make my running injury better?

Yesterday i went for a 5k run, i haven’t been for a run for a week now as last week i competed in a 5k race and thought i’d have a week off.
About 15 Min’s into my run i hurt my knee, i think it’s a ligament? But was wondering whats is the best way of helping the injury so i can get back to my running asap.

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3 Responses to “How can i make my running injury better?”

  1. Carry On..! said :

    If you think it’s a ligament you should definitely get it checked, it’s more likely to be a strained muscle/tendon. The obvious treatment will include rest, and injury specific treatment ranging from cold packs/baths, elevation, strapping. But you won’t know which ’til it’s correctly diagnosed which will include exact descriptions of how the injury occurred, (locking/twisting etc).

  2. susan said :

    cross train, a little to get your wieght off your knee. when i got a stress fractor during track the one thing that i enjoyed doing was water running and you get the same benifits as you would running. bicycling is another option. oh, definatly ice.

  3. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    You could do something different for a few weeks like swimming to keep the pressure of your knee.

    If you have got a problem then rest a day or so then go for an easy run, 10 minutes at the most. If your knee gives you problems durng that run then give up and walk home, rest a couple more days and try again. If you have a problems again then try again with a longer rest. If it hapens for a 4th time then perhaps time to visit the doctor. A lot of injuries are caused by over use and a rest can cure them.

    If your leg feels OK then have another days rest then run a bit further the nest time, take it easy getting back to full running training.

    To prevent injuries you can do some mild weight trainiong on your legs – look on the internet for exercises that you can do and work all the muscles, while you are at it you can also tone your torso as well -that will prevent other injuries.

    If you keep getting lots of recurring injuries (leg injuries) or4 ones that keep coming back ask your self how old your trainers are. If they are getting on a bit new traines might help too. Or if your trainers are brand nre they might not be right for your runningn stye.


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