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How can I make my hair shine with herbs ?

Have you ever wished you had a shiny hair as those you see in commercials? Although we all know that the models in commercials have undergone extensive parlor time before their shoot, we still dream of having that shiny kind of hair. Fortunately, there’s an easy and inexpensive way to fulfill this – use natural ingredients or herbs and mix it with your current shampoo.

In increasing hair shine, you can find the right ingredients in your kitchen – 1 egg, 2 tbsp nettles, 2 tbsp dried raspberries, 2 tbsp vinegar and 2 tbsp dried quassia or other herbs. You would also need a mixer, a measuring cup, an empty plastic bottle, a strainer and a full bottle of your favorite shampoo.
Start to boil half a cup of water either on the stove or in a microwave. Once the water reaches boiling point, remove it from the heat.

Steep the nettles, quassia and raspberries for twenty minutes. If you’re using fresh quassia, you’ll need half a cup. Stir the herb mixture occasionally, then strain them out. Using a strainer, pour the mixture onto a large mixing bowl. Make sure that all chunks of dried herbs are removed, leaving you with a tea-like liquid.

Mix an egg on the liquid and combined the entire contents of your shampoo bottle with 2 tbsp vinegar. The result would be similar to the consistency, color and texture of your old shampoo, but may be somewhat runnier. Store the improvised shampoo in the plastic bottle. Store in a cool and dark spot when you’re not using it.

Since switching to different shampoos every other month can often lead to hair damage, it is best to try the ‘natural way’ by adding herbs that promote hair shine.

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  1. Andrea Nolon said :

    Sounds great! But where do I get these ingredients? Nettles and dried rasberries? And what is Quassia?


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