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How can I make a healthy homemade ice cream creamier?

I’ve blended strawberries, a bit of agave nector and some rice milk and it did come out quite nice but I would like a more ice creamy texture. is there any healthy products I can add to make it creamier?

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7 Responses to “How can I make a healthy homemade ice cream creamier?”

  1. tearsofthemoon00 said :

    maybe soy milk.But the light will not give you the creaminess.

  2. Muley Bob said :

    How about yougart. Also soy milk might be creamier than rice milk. Good luck.

  3. bluebellsx2 said :

    what about yoghurt

  4. YA RLY said :

    I don’t know, but that sounds nice. =(

    you should tell me how to make ice cream, coz you kinda made me crave it now. tsk tsk

  5. Melissa R said :

    a little more milk or cream, maybe even whipping cream

  6. Carrie S said :

    you could try adding some mashed banana or some honey.

  7. lizlywatts said :

    Creme Friase (spelt wrong but you know what I mean) it is a really good substitute for cream.. and cheaper in calories. also yogurt.


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