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How can I loss fat from my thighs and stomach quick and easely?

I am quit a fit guy, i am very active, i have well defind shoulders but i have quit a bit of fat on my torso and thighs my shoulders n calfs look great, i normaly eat breakfast and dont eat for the rest of the day until supper, and i play rugby and i can squat 140kgs and bench press 110kgs, i need to loss my belly and thighs before december.

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8 Responses to “How can I loss fat from my thighs and stomach quick and easely?”

  1. Joshy Boy said :

    Have Liposuction done to you. Google Dr Roman Kufa in Czech Republic and he will have it sorted for you.

  2. Dinghus said :

    When you skip meals, your body stores fat. Eat vegetables like broccoli, do not eat carrots or potatoes because they turn into sugar. If you do not play rugby everyday. Try running or jumping rope, cardio has helped me lose a lot of body fat. Good Luck.

  3. a_rare_seed said :

    great website… i must see for workouts and targeting certain areas

  4. Zach H said :

    I dont know, but tell me if you find out…

  5. Spiritual Coach Lynne said :

    I would eat some snacks in between. I eat an apple & dip it in peanut butter & then another snack with salad bar veggies in dip. Sometimes I will just pop popcorn in a bag with nothing on it if I need to be out & want something simple to bring.

  6. playstation 3 guy said :

    do these sports karate or wrestling or them 3-4 times a week.also jog out every morning.Also drink lots of water.No gatorade vitaminwater soda pop ETC,nothing high in sugar or fat!

  7. Just Dave said :

    Lifting weights does not help you lose weight. An exercise regimen will. You have to burn the calories.

    What does a boxer do to drop weight for a fight? He gets out there and works it off by running, jumping jacks, etc.

    It’s also really hard to “target” spot where there is fat. It tends to go evenly. Exercise and proper diet are the ONLY way.

  8. Oy P said :

    You must eat 5 healthy meals a day in order for your body not to go into “starvation mode”. If you don’t eat much, your body will go into emergency mode and store all the energy “fat” it can possibly store as an automatic reaction.

    If you eat regularly your body will recognise this and realise that it does not need to store fat anymore as it will be recieving plenty of disposable “energy” (food) that will not be needed as ’emergency back up’ if you will.

    Keep doing your exercises as normal but just eat more regularly. Oh and if you want defined abs 5% is crunches and 95% is cardiovascular activity like running which helps you lose the weight in order to unveil the 6 pack you may be hiding under the layer of fat.

    Hope this helps 🙂


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