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How can I lose weight when my parents buy a ton of unhealthy food?

I’ve been trying to lose weight for w while now and succeeded but my parents are CONSTANTLY buying a bunch of crap like cookies, chps, cokes, etc. I don’t drink coke but a lot of time I give into the sweets. I’ve asked them to stop buying them but they’re addicted to it. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve tried convincing them into changing their eating habits but like I said, they’re addicted to this. I think I’m also addicted to the sweets but at least I try not to eat them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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16 Responses to “How can I lose weight when my parents buy a ton of unhealthy food?”

  1. Jett said :

    Eat portion sizes, don’t overload yourself on the bad stuff.

  2. sunshineahead said :

    Just because they buy them doesn’t mean YOU have to eat them! You’re supposed to have SELF CONTROL! you can’t expect other people to change the way THEY EAT when it’s YOU who wants to diet! YOU just have to have self control, it’s not like it’s THEIR FAULT you’re eating the sweets, it’s ALL ON YOU!! Either you CHOOSE to eat right or you don’t!

  3. Sunny.Smilez said :

    wow i am just the opposite . what will help is if you do eat healthy at all don’t binge but fill up on the healthy and have 1 cookie or a snack it not that its bad for you . but you need to put it in moderation . oh and exercise

  4. Reggie said :

    Just because they buy it doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

  5. mommy & wife is TTC said :

    Could you talk to them about allowing you to have a certain $ to buy your own healthy food?

    If you are totally unable to convince them to allow you to buy healthy food, you’re just going to have to do your best to make wise choices. Skip the pop, drink water. Try to stay away from the overly processed crap, and if you can – grab up whatever fresh stuff they do buy to eat.

  6. PackUpTheMoonAndDismantleTheSun said :

    Okay, I went through the same problem, no matter how much I asked them they kept forgetting I was trying to lose weight, and eventually I’d just snap and eat biscuits anyway. After awile, we decided they had a box where they locked the crap in, they both had a key, that way I wasn’t tempted 😀 And am three pounds lighter since last months 🙂

  7. Brittni said :

    You have to have self control if you truly want to succeed at your goal. Just because you’re trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean everyone in your house has to cut back. They can support you but they don’t have to do exactly what you’re doing.

    Contain yourself around sweets. Losing weight is hard work, everyone knows it…there are things that are going to tempt you and there are going to be challenges but you just have to desire your goal enough to fight through them.

  8. xx_xx said :

    Have a little bit of self-control. Tell yourself, if i eat this extra sweet/chip etc. i’ll gain lbs, just think of yourself getting really chunky & unattractive. I know that sounds harsh but give it a try!

    Also, to help lose the weight do some exercise, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk around the mall or something it’ll help you achieve your goals!

    Good luck!

  9. Mia said :

    ok, for the people who are saying you dont have to eat it, they can shut up. its soo much harder than it seems to not eat junk when youre parents buy junk food!! 😛
    what you can ask them to do, is hide the food and make sure they dont tell you where it is. and maybe keep a few sweets or chips out so you can have a few when you’re craving some. and fill up on healthy things so that way you are too full to eat so much junk. make sure u dont eat junk when youre hungry wait till after youve eaten your meal so you dont eat as much. try having things that substitute for junk like those 100 cal packs or 60 cal puddings.
    and excersize more is always good advice.
    maybe talk to your doctor and he’ll give u advice and maybe tell him about your parents and he’ll give u ideas on staying away from the junk food.

  10. Adam said :


  11. Michelle J said :

    present healthy food choices as a family project.. share a healthy book or magazine with Mom and Dad. we can all do this together. be positive ask them for trial period of 1 week.
    instead of buying cola, make fresh lemonade and iced tea. use good tasting sugar substitute, or make crystal light. always keep pitcher in fridge. make healthy cookies and muffins with whole grains and fruit. make big bowls of air popped popcorn-no butter .try making your own trail mix. with nuts, seeds, raisins, semi sweet chocolate chips. alll this food is yummy, and costs less too

    after eating healthy food, take walk around block together.

  12. elisha said :

    i soo know what you are going through when you are wanting to eat better bt all there is laying around is junk! its frustrating! it would be different if u had money to get what you need. but most of the time under aged kids DONT have a say especially when the parents refuse to eat right.

  13. Joe said :

    I’m having the same problem. My parents only buy Coke, Chips, and T.V dinners. If they finally buy something healthy my dad either says that he only buys that for his personal food, and the rest of the family cant eat it or my mom piles salt and fatty butter on it before I have a chance to stop her. In the past summer i’ve gained 15+ pounds because I had no choice, Eat it or go hungry.
    My parents are struggling with money and there just trying to feed my family with the money they have.
    But when I move out I never want to see junk food again.

  14. pep said :

    man maybe we can trade cuz my parents don’t buy any snacks or whatever its everyday fucking white bread if you live in my house you will die in 1 jear because of starvation you should be glad there is food

  15. Joe said :

    Whoever said “you don’t have to eat it” needs to shut up. It’s really not that easy having parents that only buy things they know you’ll eat in order to prevent wasting money.

  16. Erica said :

    I really know how you feel, my parents do the same. It’s much easier said than done to avoid it when things you love are right in front of you and constantly on your mind. Try talking to them about how much it’s distressing you, or tell them to get a lock and fill the locked cupboard with their junk.


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