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How can I lose weight when I sit behind a computer 10 hrs a day for 4 days?

Hi I just had my son almost 7 months now, I gained 40 lbs, and lost 15 after delivery, now I feel like I am gaining more weight.
I am starting to exercise daily, and eat healthier, but I sit on my butt 10 hours a day for 4 days a week.
Is it possible to lose weight this way?

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13 Responses to “How can I lose weight when I sit behind a computer 10 hrs a day for 4 days?”

  1. Gabe said :

    Yes, You just have to fit in exercise even on those days. Try to do at least 30 mins 3 times a week, but for optimal fat burning and weight loss, do 1 hour 3-5 times per week. Eating less with an hour 5 times a week of exercise and 40 pounds can come off in 3 – 4 months

  2. qt girl said :

    if you have a wii get wii fit ..after work go on a run eat a lot of fruit …..don’t eat fast food

  3. Thamain P said :

    If you can’t move around, watch what you eat. No pop, no sugars , no starch & no saturated fats. If possible, walk 30 minutes a day.

  4. Karla.... said :

    well tapping you’re fingers and moving you’re legs and even standing up and stretching can burn calories.
    even clenching you’re muscles burns cals.
    when you have a lunch break go for a walk.
    so yeah you’re doing alright well done

  5. Logans's Mommy said :

    I started to take a diet pill my Dr gave me. Its working great! Maybe talk to your Dr about weight lose options

  6. JD Bell said :

    The key is to put yourself on an effective program that will not only help you lose weight, but also firm up your muscles.  This will not only make you trimmer, but also beefen up your support systems (back, legs, etc).
    This is a good one to look at:

  7. Laticia said :

    I always find that the best way for me to drop a few pounds, is with the help of a wonderful thing I stumbled on one day. It’s called LipoSafe. I especially like it because it’s safe to use because many other diet products are filled with massive doses stimulants, which can cause the jitters, shakes, migraine headaches, nervousness, irritability and sleepless nights.
    LipoSafe is definately my choice when I’m trying to shed some pounds! Hope this helps you!

  8. Sarah B said :


    Here’s what I found out after lots of research and trial and error, the hard way.

    The reality is that there are no shortcuts or easy ways to get in good shape. Sorry, but someone needed to tell you this.
    As long as you get conscious about what you are doing, you will see the results.

    Below you will find the four principles that you need to keep in mind in your weight-loss journey.

    1.Forget About Diets

    People that go from diet to diet never reach a stable weight, let alone a good shape. The reason is quite simple: diets are, by their very nature, temporary. You can’t expect to eat properly for two or three weeks and fix your weight problems for the rest of the year.

    2.Proper Nutrition

    If you want to keep your weight and fat percentage under control, you will need to learn the basics of nutrition. Once you learn them, you will be able to eat healthy throughout the year.

    3.Physical Exercise

    Eating healthy and having a caloric deficit will only take you half the way. The other key factor is physical exercise.

    4.Discipline and Perseverance

    You can start eating healthy and exercising properly, but unless you stick doing it regularly, the results won’t appear (if they do, they won’t last).

    Discipline and perseverance are key here.

    If you want to Lose Weight ,I can recommend you to check out .

    It is a great program that helped me.

  9. mansionghost said :

    try the lil Jack workout
    its fun and easy

  10. Jason B said :

    There’s a new book, The Asian Diet: Simple secrets for eating right, losing weight, and being well, by Jason Bussell which gives you all you need to know about eating and health from all the lessons learned by Asian cultures. has more info.

  11. Rogelio S said :

    For someone looking to lose weight, the choices can seem overwhelming. There are over-the-counter products that promise quick weight loss, such as liquid diets and appetite-suppressing pills. Fasting is an extreme option, and doctor-prescribed diet pills are also available. In Lose Weight the Safe Way, these and other weight-loss methods are examined, and guidelines for success are given. The program points out that the best plans include a nutritionally sound diet with fewer calories than usual, sufficient exercise, and lifestyle changes that may require support from friends and family.

  12. Ignoramus said :

    (First of all, check with your physician, who should be able to tell you how to lose weight healthily while taking into consideration your particular physical status and any health issues you may have.)

    There are many fad diets, but it all comes to this: picture a half-filled bath tub, a faucet filling it, and water leaving it through a partially closed drain. To get the water level of the tub to go down, you can either start to turn off the water going to it from the faucet, or open up the drain. If you want the level to go down quickly, you shut off the faucet and fully open the drain.

    Your body is the bath tub.
    Your body mass (weight) is the water in the tub,
    the faucet filling it is the food you eat (calories taken in), and
    the flow down the drain is the sum of what you excrete and the energy spent (calories out.)

    To lose weight, minimize calories in and maximize calories out; close the faucet and open up the drain. Keep it healthy – don’t do anything drastic.

    Slow the in-flow from the faucet: look up your daily caloric intake requirements on a table, and make sure that the food you eat (to give you the caloric intake you need) is what your body needs for energy and sustenance – no junk food. Before you put food in your mouth, ask yourself “will this build muscle or provide energy, or do I just want it because I’m hungry and it tastes good?” There you go, now your tub is not filling as fast.

    Now you need to open up the drain a bit (calories out.) I think most people can do this: walk. I have found that I can drop body fat just as easily (and I really think quicker) by walking at a rapid pace instead of running. I like the treadmill for the reason that you can find the best combination of speed and incline for you, such that you break a sweat but are not “out of breath”. That’s the point you want to reach, your body starts to sweat to eliminate heat, and that heat comes from burning fat. If you’re not sweating, you’re not burning enough fat to meet your goal. Another note, the sweat needs to be from the heat your body generates from physical activity, not from wearing some kind of thermal suit. As you warm up, you may have to increase the speed/incline to keep working hard (but not too hard – you should be able to converse.) Walk at a slightly faster than normal pace for 10 minutes, then bring speed/incline up to the point of sweating, breathing hard/but not out of breath, do that for 45 minutes, then back to normal walking pace for 5 minutes to cool down.

    If you can’t do 45 minutes at first, then adjust your speed/incline so you can do at least 20 minutes, and over time work up from there.

    For me, doing the treadmill every day and minimizing caloric intake, I dropped 5 lbs. the first week and over 10 months went from 29% body fat to 14%, and from 229 lbs. to 180 lbs. About 6 months into the cardio/aerobic and diet, I started strength training with weights, and went up to 192 lbs at 12% body fat. I’m in my 40’s, and am also at a computer most of the day.

  13. Tommy Tutone said :

    The only possible way to lose weight is to use more calories than you consume. So if your exercise routine requires you to burn more calories than you eat, then yes, you would lose weight. Eating healthy helps, but what really matters is the number of calories. High carbs, low carbs, doesn’t really matter. Not diet is the only correct answer. Although staying away from saturated fats, trans fats, and sugars, and too much sodium is a good thing to do. The best exercise is swimming or running. And it also helps to mix it up so the workout doesn’t lose its effectiveness, and it helps to keep things interesting. Working out with friends and having fun is a good motivation to work out. You really only need 20-45 minutes out of your day, so it doesn’t have to be time consuming. Since you are a busy mom with a baby, maybe you could do crunches while watching TV, or push-ups. Exercise is the key to losing weight. And it’s not always the weight that matters, so don’t get discouraged. If you are losing fat and gain muscle, you can gain more weight, but actually be heathier.


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