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How Can I Lose Weight Through Walking?

Walking has been known to be efficient in promoting weight loss. This is easy to do. It can begin as immediately as one steps outside his home. The amount of calories lost is dependent on one’s metabolism as well as the type of walking and the consumption of calories.

For instance, a walk for 10 minutes daily may not have the desired results in weight loss. But walking for one hour for 5 days in a week at a rate of 4 mph can result to burning of several calories.

If you are not inclined on changing your diet, one way to effectively lose weight is to walk. Studies have shown that reduction of calories and walking usually promote substantial loss in weight. Walking alone can provide good weight loss benefits, specially if the calorie consumption is not that high. But if you add more calories to your daily diet, you may not have the desired results in weight loss by just walking.

Walking at 2 mph which is quite a slow pace can burn around 25 calories in 10 minutes. When this pace is turned over to 30 minutes, there is a substantial increase in benefits as a normal individual can burn around 79 calories. Thus, walking for half an hour is much better compare to taking 3 rounds of 10 minute walks.

When one picks up the pace by walking around 3 mph, the benefits are doubled compared to a 30 minute walk. A normal individual can burn calories of up to 125 calories during the said period. When one begins to be more comfy walking at decreased paces, he starts to burn more calories by putting extra minutes of fast walking. If a person can walk a mile in about 15 minutes, he can burn 370 calories.

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