How can i lose weight relatively quickly?

Anyways, I’m not fat or anything, but i’m not skinny either. I’m 6’1 and about 180lbs flat. I want to lose some weight though. I’m going to go start working out pretty soon, and I want to have dropped some pounds before that happens. Are there any tips or ideas that can help me drop 5-10 lbs relatively quickly. BTW, im 16

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  1. Richard K said:

    Your weight is right for your height. Exercise will help make you solid. But because you asked the question about your weight, it sounds like you are self conscious like most teens are. Most out grow self consciousness by the mid 20’s. What this means that your problem is not weight, it’s that you are too concerned about what you think others will think of you.

    The best thing is to start reading books about self image psychology. An old stand-by is Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Should be in any library or you can get it on Amazon for about fifty cents. Everyone should read it at some point in their lives–just skip over the parts that are a bit advanced for you and focus on the stuff he says about self consciousness and being happy.

  2. eha said:

    Hi there….
    I think if you want to lose weight, try some weightloss pill product, but its better you search Products free trial offer first, in order to you have not lost much money and some site offer you Free trial are acaiberry(as a food staple and for their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties), carallumaburn(is patent protected and clinically proven to suppress the appetite )and reloramax (as an ingredient for dietary supplements and functional foods that could be used in stress management and for stress-related appetite control, has excellent stress management properties without causing sedation),unhappily it is for custumor in the USA and European Union Countries Only . then compare it, if it works,maybe you want to get it more, if it is dissatisfied, leave it.
    Goog luck and success for your diet !!! ?


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