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How can I lose weight quickly!! Like, really quicky?

I don’t want to starve myself or anything, I want to lose weight a healthy way. I recently put on 10lbs in 3 months, it’s made me so depressed and whenever I look in the mirror I just see myself as fat and I know by all means, I am no where near actually being FAT. I hate it. Does anyone know how I can shift this weight? And quickly?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose weight quickly!! Like, really quicky?”

  1. Trev said :

    Losing weight? Go to space
    Losing mass…can’t help you

  2. *G* said :

    10 pounds is not too much and should be easy to lose with just a little bit of eating better and some excercise:)

    Drink a lot of water…
    eat well…

  3. «–Şteve–» said :

    eat healthy and exercise. having that little bit of fat can be depressing =/

  4. Chloe Malenkov said :

    Eat only when you feel hungry, no snacking and exercise more

  5. Nikki said :

    Yoga definitely helps. It’s something a lot of celebrities do to get in shape, get curves, flat abs, all that. Hot yoga’s great for losing weight and you can lose it quickly. Cutting down on food portions can help, but only if you are overweight by quite a bit. Healthier food alternitives are good and eating more substantial foods that are healthy and keep you from snacking. Try reading this month’s issue of Seventeen Magazine. It’s all in there- I think it could really help.

  6. tim g said :

    eat small meals at regular times. don’t eat late.


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