how can i lose weight quickly , but healthily?

im very athletic, im always moving, and im muscular, but for some reason i have alot of flab on my thighs . i really want to lose this weight quickly, but not be anorexic or anything. please help ?!

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13 Responses to “how can i lose weight quickly , but healthily?”

  1. beautiful sweetheart said:

    get on a tomato diet where all you eat is tomatoes all day

  2. haleyyy said:

    if you want to try it use a contour belt. it really does work, my mom used it. it feels a little weird, but its normal and its not bad.

  3. moosa said:

    only eat what you want y our body to be made out of. vegitible and fruit are good materials.drink tons of spring water

  4. sevenstar said:


  5. big puffy shoes said:


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  7. onesec said:

    If you’re physically active, then it’s probably your diet. Fruits and veggies, less junk.

  8. john k said:

    really really good way its simple i did it about 5 times a day for a week and i could already tell the difference dont think its just getting a six pack from the title it makes u lose weight too

  9. uscgsoldier4 said:

    Dont stress, cause stress causes weight!!

    Soo Dont do that

    Alright its all in the diet, workout routines

    and you have a kinethstetic inntellingence

    which means your always moving…

    so I think all you should do is watch your diet, and exercise, and just relax is all you have to do….


  10. maxmom said:

    If you are athletic, just eat lean foods. The fat will fall off.

    No junk, sugar, processed foods, white bread or soda.

  11. Tila M said:

    Im very much like you. I work out all the time, and Im active, but it just never goes away on my stomach and thighs.

    Just keep on being as active as possible. When you get hungry, dont eat a full meal all the time. Try making a smoothie in the blender. Buy some strawberries bananas strawberry yougurt and milk. Chop up 4 strawberries one whole banana a 8oz. thing of yougurt and put in milk to cover the top of the fruit. Its really good, and I dont make a lot either, just like a half a glass.

  12. fae b said:

    try drinking huge amuont of water before meals. . . my friend alredy tried it. . and seemed to be effective

  13. mansionghost said:

    try the Lil Jack workout its pretty easy


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