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How can i lose weight quickly and easily?

Im going to the prom in about 6 weeks but i want to look my best and i was wondering if you had any tips on how to lose weight quickly and easily while keeping in with a holiday and my GCSE’s.

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12 Responses to “How can i lose weight quickly and easily?”

  1. y3 said :

    Try a really good brand of hoodia….it’s a cactus that helps control hunger

  2. dr.organicsman said :

    try this site to see if it is something that would suit you

  3. long_luscious_lashes said :

    Depends how much you have to lose…the most sensible way, and to ensure you don’t put it back on afterwards, is to reduce your calorie intake and take more exercise. You should lose around 2lbs a week. However, I think you want to be losing more than that. The only thing I can suggest would be meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch and then a proper meal of around 600 cals in the evening and maybe fruit as snacks in between.

  4. Unos 14 said :

    eat all ur main meals but in tiny portions and dont snack!!

  5. latin lova said :


  6. frenchy_grl said :

    start eating healthy<>>…find a fitness center and mork out some every day

  7. hello said :

    chop an arm off?

  8. love me said :

    there is no quick way except to go for liposuction…unless u eat less or way less …

  9. Italia 27 said :

    Stay away from salt totally that will prevent you from bloating. Most foods already contain salt, don’t add extra. If you get a craving for junk food drink a full glass of water and wait 5 minutes to see if you still crave. Try to reduce your calorie intake as much as possible and balance it out with some cardio. Do not let yourself eat after 6:30 pm (your metabolism slows down)

    Hoodia is a good appetite suppressant as long as you buy real hoodia this ranges from 40-60 dollars. If you buy the cheap kind it is not full hoodia. Do not quench your appetite completely your body needs food, and will start to store it if you starve yourself.

  10. suke said :

    This question sets off somewhat of an alarm when hearing it.The question lies on wether you are REALLY over weight or not.However if you are truily over weight Ive used the Slim n Six excercize video.It also includes an eating guide to keep you on the right track , menues and such A google search will help you find the product,also E-bay cheaper.

  11. sweetchant1lly said :

    i find a diet of protien and vegetables good maybe the odd jacket spud …most important eat regularly and try not to eat to much junk food.

    slimming world is a great diet if you have chance to join a club ….red plan being best for quick weight loss

  12. zurriolo said :

    I do not know if you are over weighted or not.

    Try the following according to your present weight.

    1) Nutrition:
    Avoid or reduce fatty foods and sugar intake (watch your drinks there is a lot of sugar in many of them. Avoid or reduce alcohol intake. Avoid or reduce white bread, white rice, & pastry.
    Have: fruit, veggies (by the ton), lean meat, fish, whole grain products, etc. and 2 liters of water a day.

    2) Do cardio two times a week for 30 minutes.
    Whatever you can do and like to do; walk, jog, cycle, swim, dance, etc. Just make sure you keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes twice a week.

    3) Toning.
    Get firm muscles, they will burn the fat in your body. Work them out twice a week.
    From light weight to any other form of resistence exercise you can do and like: crunces, squats, push ups, sit ups, etc.
    You need to feel taht your muscles have worked, taht they are tired, but not exhausted or in pain.


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