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How can i lose weight on my thighs?

I have very big thighs but a overall skinny body. How can lose weight on my thighs and drop from a sizes 9 to 5 in juniors.I am 13 years old girl.

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2 Responses to “How can i lose weight on my thighs?”

  1. ..:Bubbles:.. said :

    Cardio! Run Forrest Run!

  2. AF said :

    As far as working out: At least 30 min of cardio every other day. Interval training works best for burning fat which means if you are running you would walk fast/job for 3 min and then run for 2 min. Or you could do Walk 5 run 2…whichever works for you without hurting yourself. Then work out your Quads (thigh muscle) either on a machine at a gym or do lunges. Go down until on your right knee is BARELY touching the floor and your left knee will be at a right angle, dont let your left knee go past your foot, then keeping your feet in the same position stand straight up and then go down again do that about 12 times slowly then switch legs. Don’t fall for those machines at the gym that say they work the inner and outter thighs. They may a little bit but those muscles are so tiny that working them out will not to do much to the overall appearance of them. Work out your quads because when you gain muscles there it will bring the sides it.

    As far as eating: Watch your salt because it retains water which makes you bloat, and of course fried food and high amounts of carbs don’t help any fatty area. White bread is one of the worst things you can eat so if you eat it buy 100% WHOLE WHEAT. make sure its 100%. It doesnt taste bad at all and it so much better for you. Drink lots and lots of water, especial if you work out. Ive had three trainers and theyve all said a huge key in getting in shape is drinking lots of water and working out..oh and don’t eat 4 hours before you go to bed, and eating protein at breakfast is the BEST way to go beacause it will speed up yor metobolism making it easier to burn fat. You could have an english muffin with ham and/or egss, or if you don’t have time just make a protein shake. you can buy them at like walmart and stuff. and i know this is gross but ive heard this from every trainer as well…you need to either eat half a grape fruit or drink 8 oz (which is like the small redbull can size) of grape fruit juice. Its super healthy and jump starts your metabolism. I would hold my nose and chug the glass and follow it with water, but some ppl like how it tastes so it may just be me.

    Hope this was helpful!


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