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How can I lose weight in my arms in just two weeks?

Hi, I’m going to have some really important senior pictures to take (be in) in two weeks, does anyone know of any ways to lose weight in my arms? Im not worried about the drape picture, but the others im worried about. I don’t want my arms to be too muscle-ly just less fat. Your answers are appreciated, thanks.

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17 Responses to “How can I lose weight in my arms in just two weeks?”

  1. the wicked witch said :

    I don’t think you can spot train…

    I suggest some hardcore running.

  2. Anthony C said :

    Work out and eat a good diet

  3. rutha8070 said :

    push ups

  4. serenity now said :

    lift weights every other day. its hard to do but you will see a difference in just under two weeks. worst comes to worst, you can always wear navy or black.

  5. Mis said :

    Healthy eating and maybe you can swim a few laps a day.

  6. Zarathustra said :

    pump some iron homie.

  7. marnzgina said :

    you can go to curves or ballys. or u can just do exercises, like pull ups and push up and sit ups. arm circles and such. =)

  8. iheartny:) said :

    watch what you eat and
    do some pushups=]
    you wont gain muscle right away
    but it will at least burn off some fat…
    and THEN you can start working them:)

  9. Gawjus G said :

    try lifting those arm weights for a short period of time every day, that will strengthen them and slim them down.

  10. zamiraha77 said :

    You better buy two tumbles of 3 pounds or maybe 5 and make a lot of repetitions to burn the fat off, but to be realistic in two weeks is almost impossible believe me.

  11. green:) said :

    take a dung bell and stretch your ar back… i lost weight in mine that way for pictures too:)

  12. ROZEE M said :

    do as much excersise as you can on a realistic basis to burn off as much fat and as many calories as possible and lift some small weights every day…….like 3 – 5 kg.

  13. Spanky said :

    A good diet and exercise is the best way to loose weight. As far as two weeks, that makes it a bit tougher depending on how much weight. If your looking to just tighten up try this:

    High rep exercises using low weights. This should pump blood to those muscles as well as speed up the metabolism. Second, cardio cardio cardio. Good luck!

  14. freegirl23 said :

    pull your hands up and down you can even use a chair for that,my mom told me this when i wented to lose weight on my arms too.But my friends told me to do the dishes alot lol there so silly.There’s this other one were you spread your arms out like an airplan and move them in circels
    it really works

  15. said :

    I find a chainsaw is often the fastest way to lose weight in your arms. You can do one by yourself, but you’re going to need help from a friend or a loved one to “loose weight” in the other.

    I hope your pictures come out beautifully!

  16. blueyedblonde1956 said :

    Lift weights or dumbells, there is really no sure fire way..if you lose weight from dieting you’ll lose it in the arms too….but speaking from dieting experience i had hanging tricep flab and doing the right exercies on my arms i now have lost it, and firmed up, get 8lb dumbells, holding them above head tilt them back, bending at the elbow to shoulder height and back up , do 10 each arm x 3 reps 3x a week to start you will see improvement within a few weeks…also if you go onto the net there is a site it’s that shows you video diagrams i use about 8 different ones consentrating on arms, shoulders, biceps and TRICEPS…and using at least 2 from each muscle group, check it out you’ll love it. good luck…buy different size weights too 2lb, 5lb, 8lb 10lb or 20lb depending on your age and shape…

  17. tiger said :

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