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How can I lose weight fast ? Like by Christmas ?

I’m 13, 5′ 2″ and I weigh a whopping 110 pounds. Don’t say anything about my judgment, just please tell me how I can lose weight fast. I don’t want any pills or anything though. Exercises and diets are fine. Just make sure it’s healthy.

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5 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast ? Like by Christmas ?”

  1. kaybeex3 said :

    im 5″4 ;
    108 pounds …

    you calling me fat or something?

  2. Miss said :

    Walk as much as you can.

    Drink a lot of water, eat veggies, grilled chicken, fish, fruit… To lose weight it is important to eat 3 meals and 2 light snacks (yogurts, fruits…)

    You’ll find more tips in the following link:

  3. hzlcruz said :

    I don’t think your fat and you shouldn’t either. But if you feel the need to lose weight, I’ll give you some tips:

    My Mom was 163 in July, in September she weighed 132. I’m asian, so we consume rice about twice a day. She stopped eating rice. She also ate slower, when you eat slower, you gain less. She still ate sweets, but tiny amounts. Never go grocerie shopping hungry, because you’ll buy more food (fact). You should not eat anything with more than 200 calories, unless it’s a meal. My mom went to vegas for 2 days, and all they ate were buffets. She pigged out A LOT, but drank A LOT of water. I’m talking about a liter of water before and after meals. She only gained 1 pound from pigging out because she drank water. Try to walk everyday, about half or 1 a mile a day. for 20 minutes. Don’t try to run 3 miles because you didn’t run the whole week, because you’ll probably get sick. Don’t eat fast food unless it’s chicken, salads, or fish. Don’t drink soda, try drinking Lipton Green Tea once a day. At the end of the week, reward yourself with a fun size candy, but just 1 or 2.

    You’ll probably see results in a month. Good Luck!!!

  4. Houston R said :

    Overall, the best diet product is Proactol, Im saying that from experience. I’ve tried alot of different dieting products in the past and these seem to have the quickest and best effects without any real negative results. I’d definitely give them a shot if you’re looking for something that gets the results you’re after. Heres where i get mine, they give a nice discount if you want to just try them for about a month

  5. mansionghost said :

    have you tried the Lil Jack routine


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