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how can i lose weight fast and kind of easy?

i want to lose 40 pounds as fast as i can but i don’t no how i eat healthy and it only helps so much and i work and go to school no time for the gym =[ help please

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2 Responses to “how can i lose weight fast and kind of easy?”

  1. Herbie said :

    Best possible advice is, don’t lose it as fast as you can! What happens then is that when you stop dieting you will be likely to pile it all back plus a few pounds. then you panic and diet again etc, and this can last a lifetime. Much better to aim for no more than 2lb per week. you need more patience but the effects are more likely to last. To eat healthily: Give up all convenience snacks – crisps, canned drinks, sweets, cakes, biscuits. Do not eat fried food or pastry. Eat as much fresh fruit and veg as you want, and eat an apple if you are hungry between meals. Drink plenty of water or organic apple juice. (the unsweetened sort) Change to wholemeal bread. Eat a proper breakfast, but not fried or sugary – this will help you to avoid snacking later.If you can, choose chicken and fish rather than red meats. Try to walk instead of ride if you haven’t far to go.

  2. Andy said :

    My sister was in the same situation as you, she needed to loose just over 40 pounds and struggled with it. She gave the ‘skinny patch’ a try and said she was absolutely amazed at the results. its basically a patch you wear that controls your appetite and makes you loose weight, she said she went from a size 16 down to a 12 in a couple weeks!

    Anyway i know they were offering free trials of this stuff not so long ago and i think they may well still be doing it! check out but hurry up incase they end the offer soon!

    good luck


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