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How can i lose weight fast and control my cravings?

I am a 16 year old girl, 170 pounds and 5″6. I really want to lose 15 pounds by april. The main problem area is my stomach, i really want it to be flatter. What can i do to lose 15 by april, is it possible to do it in a healthy way, with no diet pills or anything like that. What exercises should i do? Are there any foods that will boost my metabolism? I really want to lose 15 by april, thanks for answering!

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4 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast and control my cravings?”

  1. Asheeyybabby said :

    well where do you want to lose it?
    and start by trying to substitue sodas with water. i know its hard but try!!! doing about 200 situps a day 50reps really helps!! I lost 70pounds doing all this. try nutrigrain cerial bars they’re so good!! and there not like a diet breakfast. going for a walk is good too. try and set goals. like losing 3 pounds by the end of the month,you know? easy stuff. jumping jacks and wall sits are VERY good for toning your legs.
    –lay on your back and it works good if you have someone behind you, hold their legs and lift your legs striaght in the air and lower them almost all the way to the ground but KEEP THEM STRAIGHT. keep them their for 3seconds and keep doing it.
    just set small goals like i said,
    and if you get soar the next day, you’re doing something right!!!
    lol well goodluck!!!!=D

  2. radabaj said :


  3. James said :

    Of course you need to control you daily meal. Drink more plain water and eat more fruits and vegetables.
    Do some exercises every day, at least by jogging, cycling, walking or etc.
    Avoid to take any pills and make your weight loss naturally.

  4. mansionghost said :


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