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How can i lose weight fast? 10 points?

I have kids and i have been noticing i am alot bigger than i used to be, how to i get back into my skinny jeans and out of my fat ones.
I dont want to do diet pills or surgery i just want real people who have lost weight to be able to tell me how they did it!
Thanks soo much i love you all!!!!!!!!!

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11 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast? 10 points?”

  1. ♥Due April 16th with #2♥ said :

    you should try a colon cleanse pill, like “Internal Flush” i lost 6 pounds the first week and noticed it. Also felt better. these are not diet pills, they flush all the bacteria and toxins out of your body. i paid 25 $ for a month supply. they are not like a laxitive either i swear, i was going once a day normally.

  2. #3 came early!! 12~8~08!!!!! said :

    Diet and exercise. That’s the only healthy/safe way to loose weight. If it’s healthy food, or breaks a sweat exercise wise then you’ll loose weight. Lean meat, no sugars, no soda, tons of veggies and fruits, ect. combined with a 2 mile jog, and yoga daily will strip the lbs off.

  3. sumara k said :

    try the atkins diet. you can google it and it will explain how to do it. it is easy and a quick way to lose weight. also, drink tons of water. get at minimum 30 minutes of exercise per day at your target heart rate. good luck!

  4. Jill said :

    Start counting calories…if you multiple your ideal weight (be realistic) by 7 that should be the number of calories you eat but you shouldn’t go less than 1120. And start working out. Nothing too major, just some cardio daily if possible (could be as simple as speed walking) and do weight training 3 days a week to boost your metabolism. The main thing to remember is you shouldn’t be eating more calories than you are able to burn in a day.

    PS…a pedometer helps. You’ll pay attention to how many steps you’re taking in a day (each step counts towards losing weight) and can start setting daily goals.

  5. gatoamor82 said :

    I can lose weight in about 3 weeks, probably 10 pounds if I really put my mind to it. I am 26 and I weigh 145, but I am 5’8″ I think my BMI is something like 22. Thats a healthy weight for my height but I sometimes feel like I want to lose a few pounds. I can lose 10 lbs. by replacing the crappy things I eat and drink with healthy things. Last night I went to meijer and stocked up on healthy stuff. If I have apples or bananas here, I will grab that instead of chips or something unhealthy like candy. Also I stop drinking anything besides water. I might add a little lemon to the water, thats all. Also I eat mostly veggies and a little chicken. Limit pasta, rice, potatoes, carbs. I will eat a whole zucchini and a small piece of chicken and feel just as full as if I ate a burger and fries. And I will have saves maybe a thousand calories. Portion control is big too, if you are going to splurge on pasta and potatoes, eat like 1/2 cup of it, nothing more. Thats a serving size, believe it or not. Good luck, starvation is the worst so don’t try that. It slows down your metabolism and you can never stick to it. Also it causes stomach problems because it causes your stomach to pretty much try and eat itself! Gross. I tried it and lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time but as soon as I started eating normally again I gained like 10 pounds in a week then exceeded my original weight! Ugh. Anyways, good luck.

  6. luvmy4boyz said :

    I just lost 11 pounds in a month. All I did was diet and exercise. I started by cutting soda out of my diet totally. Then I started eating one banana every day for breakfast (the big morning banana diet in Japan). I also started watching calories and I cut my portions sizes in half. I am staying between 1200 and 1400 calories a day and I either go for a fast walk (one hour) or I use my exercise bike (25 min) at least 3 times a week.

    Like I said, I have lost 11 pounds in one month. I don’t eat anything after 8:00pm also. I don’t eat much pasta or potato either, if I have some, I just have a small amount.

    I was 128 when I started losing (I am only 5’1 an d 128 is the highest I’ve ever been). Now I weigh 117. My goal is 115 so a couple more pounds to go.

    I plan to continue exercising once I reach my goal and watching portions. I won’t drink soda still (I mostly drink water now), I will just add a few more calories to my diet so I don’t continue losing.

  7. tessajanell said :

    I have switched from coffee to green tea and started to do 20 minute work out videos at nap time. both my husband and I have gone 60% raw. (meaning we eat fruits in vegetable that are uncooked on 60% of our plate and meat and starch on 40% of our plate at every meal). I have also found that it helps if I commit to write down everything I eat. I was eating a little bite here and there that added up to a lot. The best thing we do in my opinion though is go for a walk at least four times a week with our kids. I bought a double jogger and we walk to the store (3.5 mile round trip) to get our fruits and veggies. It has turned out to be a great family experience for us and every one gets excited to go.

    Although neither of us really step on a scale we can both see the difference. My husband especially has lost a couple inches around the belly. He had more to lose so it went faster but my jeans fit better and my stomacher is tighter so I’m happy. My butt is tighter too witch seems to make my husband happy.

  8. quintynsmommy said :

    It is hard work and there is no easy fix! But there are some things that help. Lots and lots of water. No juice, soda or tea as it all has sugar which breaks down into calories and fat. Lots of cardio and strength training. I walked about 30 minutes a day using intervals and I did weights every other day. Pilates is great for strengthening the core which is essential in order to get really deep down into the muscles and have a better gait. I ate lots of fiber, pretzels and air popped popcorn. I took a really good multi vitamin. I lost all of my weight plus 15 pounds within 7 weeks of giving birth! So I guess it just depends how dedicated you are too it. But the thing is fads and all those crazy cleansing diets just deprive your body and they weight will come back and twice as bad! Good luck!

  9. Spike-X said :

    Forget the fads and tricks and pills and crap. Losing weight is simple – put down the cake and get off the couch, ie don’t eat crappy food, and keep active.

    1 kg (2 lb) per week is a healthy, sustainable loss rate.

  10. Pragun06 said :

    try taking acai berry pills,
    they work wonders.
    I bought them from, they should still have them..

  11. mansionghost said :


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