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How can I lose weight easily and effectively?

I’m 13 and even my doctor said I could afford to lose a few pounds. What can I do? I’m a girl. Most of my weight is carried in my butt and legs.

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4 Responses to “How can I lose weight easily and effectively?”

  1. swissmiss620 said :

    At your age, just don’t eat junk food and get outside and play.

  2. pig poop said :

    Let me save you years of frustration, and probably thousands of wasted dollars on fad diets. If you take in fewer calories than you use, you WILL lose weight. Exercise more, and eat fewer calories. All doctors, layman etc., that tell you there is a magic bullet for losing weight, are LIERS!

  3. Feather said :

    Exercise – power walking is great for burning fat.

    Walk so that you get your heart rate up a little, just enough so you will start to perspire with in 10 minutes – then keep walking for an other 10 to 20 minute. Your body starts to brake down and burn the stored energy (we call fat) after the first 10 minutes of a work out, so keep going.

    Repeat 3 to 4 time a week.

    Any exercise that is continual motion, like walking, will be a big help. Also know that the body by nature will loss weight from the top down. So it could be some time before you see the results in your hips and thighs.

  4. Sockie said :

    Well the easiest answer is ..

    The secret .. Move more .. Eat less fat and sugar .. eat more natural ..

    1. Eat healthy .. if you cant excersise cause you dont have time the best thing you can do is eat healthy .. no softdrink .. just juice.. and cut out high fatty food.. and lower your suger intake.. water is better though..

    Now if this is hard to do .. then just reduce everything.. for example drink half a can of coke and throw the rest away ..
    or better still drink juice instead of coke. Water is the best though ..

    And if youre eating a hamburger .. only eat half of it and definately no chips .. everything counts ..

    If you can diet and excerise you are going to loose the most..
    Dont starve yourself .. vegies and fruits have no fat.. Have you seen a fat vegeterian ?? So natural .. as much as possible cut out the processed food.. take a salad for lunch ..

    Its not fun as junk food .. but spoil yourself every now and then so the diet doesnt get too boring .. better to spoil yourself then to go off the rails completely..

    And remember if you do .. then just start again tommorrow..

    The secret .. Move more .. Eat less fat and sugar .. eat more natural ..
    Eatting Less Fat also will help with not getting pimples .. lol…


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