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How can I lose weight by summer vacation?

I seriously need to lose about 10-20 pounds before the end of May. I am around the age of 13 and I’m not just losing weight to look skinnier, I am trying to lose weight and get more exercise so that I can do more activities in the summer without getting exhausted very easily. What are some exercises I can do to lose weight around my arms, waist, and legs. And also some healthy food suggestions.
Please help.
Thank you.

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10 Responses to “How can I lose weight by summer vacation?”

  1. Khloe said :

    Sounds like you just need to kick start your metabolism. Try eating five or six times a day rather than two or three. But make the meals much smaller and make sure they are healthy. Or you could just try cutting down your portions and eating more fruits and veggies. There are also several different supplements that can assist you with weight loss. This site lists a couple that actually worked.

  2. Fermeister said :

    Hi I’ve lost 10 KG and 5% of body fat in about 2 months with a product.
    I mixed this product with 30 minutes of elliptic machine daily with no diets involved. Now imagine if you do more exercise and you have a diet, your results could be better than mine. I still use this product so i can eat whatever i want and i maintain my weight easily.

  3. Tonya said :

    1.Don’t take pills, because some of them may have side effects.
    2.Healthy diet plan – that is crucial
    3.Sport – exercise

    That is 100% proven

    Hope that was helpful

  4. Belinda said :

    I’d suggest that you put little efforts in running/jogging and exercises which are the best activities to burn fats. There’s hardly any equivalent substitute. However, its your metabolism which also determine the quantum of weight loss. I was using a diet pill along with my exercises. Try Phentramin-d which is an excellent diet pill which is far ahead of its competitors. Unlike, many other diet pills, phentramin-d stays ahead of them because of its unique formula being developed at an FDA approved laboratory. It’s simply suppresses the appetite of the user thus making it easier for the person to take control of his/her life and also enhance metabolism. >

  5. tht's what [ i ] said . ♥ said :

    my brother lost a whole bunch of weight in a few months by going on the treadmill for thirty minutes daily, giving up all junk food and eating only meals. [ two or three, i cant remember really. ]

    he was 13 at the time.
    hes 17 now and still hasnt gained weight.
    he’s also a lot healthier and doesn’t get exhausted as quickly.
    so i guess just do some type of cardio for thirty to fourty-five minutes a day and eat fruits, vegetables and whole wheat.

  6. Hungry Huy said :

    You can’t really target WHERE you lose weight. I suggest you stay away from processed foods, fast food, fried foods. Eat leaner meats, and more fruits and vegetables.

    That’s going to be a big challenge already. Check out this free eBook on food and exercise tips if you need more help:

  7. Samuel said :

    eat less and exercise more 😉

    first the hard way:
    1. your caloric intake daily = 108(your weight) * 10 = 1080 per day
    2. weekly = 7 * 1080 = 7560
    3. a pound of fat = 3500 cal
    4. so to loose 1 pound a week = 7560 – 3500 = 4060 weekly
    5. calories to eat daily = 4060 / 7 = 580
    6. Eat 580 calories each day for a week and you will lose a pound that week…

    The easy way:
    1. What ever you eat, eat the half of it and forget the rest…
    2. Do that for each meal

    Exercise only 30 minutes of walk daily…

  8. JaniceeLynn said :

    Buy a weighted hula hoop. It works and it’s really easy and doesn’t take up much space, you can even do it inside if you make a little room. Just make sure you get the right size and weight: between 1 1/2 – 2lb (the heavier, the easier to keep it going, too heavy and it’ll be TOO easy, you won’t see results). I’ll put a chart below where you can figure out what size you are.

    The idea is to do it for roughly 30 minutes a day in SHORT bouts. So, hula hoop for two minutes hard, then stop, let your heart slow down, and then do it again. I recommend you do it while watching TV. Watch your show, and hoop during the commercials. There are about 22 minutes of commercials during an hour long show.

    Make sure you keep it up. It’s really not hard once you get going and it’s more fun than skipping rope, or running, with generally the same results. I’m not saying it won’t take effort, because it will. Rule of thumb is if you don’t feel it, it’s probably not doing anything.

    Plus, it’s a cardio/toning excersize. You lose weight and tone up at the same time.

    For healthy food, first find out how many calories you can eat a day (Chart below), then make sure you don’t eat over you’re daily limit.

    Strawberries and carrots are really good snack foods, because they’re healthy and have very little calories, so it’s hard to eat too many. Other water fruits (Melons, berries) are good, as well as any fruits and vegetables really. Eggs are healthy, easy to make, and they’re good for you. Drink lots of water. If you really want to get healthy, change out what you’d normally drink for water. Water has zero calories, so you won’t be wasting calories on juice or pop. Milk, although it has calories, is still good for you. Drink a glass a day, for the calcium if nothing else.

    Hope that helped a little 🙂

  9. nai1po1ish said :

    Go jogging in the park its so much fun because like you can go at your own pace and not sprint to your death, lol. Have your ipod on you and it’s like heaven. Be sure your hydrated though.
    This is what i’m doing i know i’m gonna get thumbs down but skip lunch at school and instead drink a crystal light, there only 5 calories. Liquids make you full. And as soon as you get home eat dinner (home cooked) like don’t eat it late because then your just sitting there, not doing anything. About an hr or 2 after you eat exercise and then when you get hungry again eat some fruits and a crystal light. :]
    I already lost light 3 pounds this week its awesome (and I pigged out at a restaraunt one day)

  10. Miguel Terault said :

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