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How can I lose weight by exercising at home?

I have a lot of extra weight that I want to lose!!
I cant afford a gym right now, and I have a pretty decent neighborhood, and would rather just work out at home. What are some great exercises to do at home, indoors…I know that I can jog outside…lol!!! Also, have you ever lost a bunch of weight by working out at home?

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9 Responses to “How can I lose weight by exercising at home?”

  1. Rene08 said :

    sit ups duh.

  2. Danielle Normandia said :

    Run up and down the stairs or pushups. Situps blah

  3. AnX said :

    pushups and situps…do sets of 10.

  4. tofffees said :

    Yes .try out some yoga and eat right .you can jog on the spot too

  5. ruthaford_jive said :

    Sit ups, push ups, crunches… that kind of thing. Running would help too. And yes, I have lost plenty of weight doing those things… but running and eating less and more healthy helps a lot too.

  6. lavender358599 said :

    Try a workout video or just put music on and get up and dance for a half hour! Also jump rope!

  7. jonathan_phillips2003 said :

    you dont have to jog outside.. how about taking a walk? if you don’t change your diet your exercise won’t matter much in the long run.

  8. $$JAISMIN$$ said :

    sit ups or push- ups
    buy a exercising machine

  9. Benj, RN said :

    The best way to lose weight indoors? Well, for one, you burn more calories working out many muscle groups at a given time.

    If you don’t want to go to the gym and do your weightloss routine at home, I suggest: Put on a loud, dance music, put your athletic shoes on, and dance the whole hour away. It’s fun, not boring, you lose excess calories–and fats–and you’re actually giving tone to your muscles.


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