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how can i lose weight at the gym fast?

I been going almost every day 1-3 hours on the bike or elliptical…is this effective? i just started a few days ago. I wanna lose weight fast as possible, what other machines and length of time should i use them for and on what levels?

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2 Responses to “how can i lose weight at the gym fast?”

  1. Liz said :

    Elyptiglide! I lost tons of weight!

  2. Megumi H said :

    1-3 hours seems like it’s a bit too much. You can lose weight if you just go on the elliptical 1-2 hours, but you should also try different cardio machines so you don’t get bored. Stretch a lot, and drink lots and lots of water. The treadmill is a very easy cardio machine, you should go on it for about an hour, changing the pace every lap. Run at least 20 minutes. The stationary bicycle is good, but I’d suggest going on a real bike, because it’s more fun, and you learn balance. Good luck.


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