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How can I lose weight and tone up by summer?

I’m already trying to fix my bad eating habits, but I just don’t know what exercises to do that will help me lose weight but tone up at the same time. Does anyone know of any exercises and how to do them?

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7 Responses to “How can I lose weight and tone up by summer?”

  1. Paramore said :

    Running, seriously its the magical exercise. Do it for about a half hour everyday.

  2. klutz [: said :

    running and swimming are the best for losing weight and toning up!

  3. Katerpiller Fluffy Fluff said :

    Good questions. Im looking to do the same so I will keep an eye on this post. :o)

  4. Anna said :

    get a pilates tape and run run run best excercise ever! Or walk, jumprope, skip, dance, holla hoop, sprint, play sports, and lift some light weights. Oh and EAT LESS! lots of water hun!

  5. ktgal7wat said :

    find out something that is fun to do that will keep u stimulated like rock climbing thats a great work out for all you muscles surfing if u live near a beach danceing hanging out wit friends whaterver you like to do

  6. FLO RIDA said :

    Kk the best thing is to eat vegetables everytime nothing else. Also DRINK A LOOOTTTT of WATERRRRR *nonstop like* everyday take a 1 hour jog and in no time you’ll be ready for summer and your whole life cuz this isnt just for summer it will keep u healthy * doctors reccomended this to my friend because she was gonna die she was that obesse and now she has a model’s body! Hope it helps!!!! xD

  7. Tree70 said :

    You just have to get up and get moving everyday for about an hour . Weather it be sports or just fast pace walking just get your body moving and eat fresh no canned food. Try taking protein shakes in between meals to fight the hunger until next meal time it’s healthy and burns fat. I have lost 25lbs in 2 1/2 months and 5 more to my goal weight. I gave up on the expensive diet programs they work for a short period then you gain it all back even faster then you lost it. Seriously just get your body moving and eat fresh! You will be surprised how fast you lose the inches and tone up! Good Luck!


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